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Need assistance in part indentification. Switch: DA-7-6-4/1 or DA7-6/1 equivalent to Digi-Key part number.
Thank you in advance.

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I have looked into your question and I am sorry to say that I did not find a data sheet but I did find various images. Based on them I would like to direct you to the following products. You will see a few different levers but it is to show that I do not see one that has the same lever as your old one. I would recommend you keep that and see if you can use again on this switch. I went with this series to get a good DC current rating as it appears the old switch did.


This link will get you to the switch without a lever at all.

Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div Part Number: D3V-16G-2C25-K
Digikey Part Number: SW2001-ND

Thank you very much for your quick assistance. Please see below actual picture of the part.
This might help to find replacement part.

Thank you


Thank you for providing that image. That made all the difference in the world as it confirmed the voltage and current requirements. This is rated just slightly under but it is the closest we have. to you original Just verify your mounting hole dimensions and if you would like to give one of these a try.

Possible options:

Good afternoon,
Thank you for your assistance. I have managed to find replacement switch locally.
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