Miniature Switch replacement idenitfier

I am looking to replace a miniature switch component in a dehumidifier, pictured below.

Will the Digi-Key product “D3V-164M-2A5” ( be an appropriate replacement?

Miniature Switch

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According to the data sheet that one has solder terminals (A vs. C or C2, Digi-Key page disagrees but I’m going to trust the data sheet) you probably want quick-connect terminals unless you plan to cut the connectors off the wires and solder the wires to the switch. A deeper read of the data sheet shows Digi-Key is correct, the solder terminals will also work with the 3/16" quick-connects, I guess the “A” version has plating on the terminals suitable for soldering and the same size “C2” version does not…
Quick-connect terminals come in two sizes, 1/4" (0.250) and 3/16" (0.1875) and the DV3 series offers both.

Here’s the data sheet for the existing switch, unfortunately without having the switch in-hand I can’t figure out the exact model you have.

The electrical specs of the DV3 meet or exceed the ones in your picture.

However unless you plan on doing a lot of mechanical rework you should figure out the exact model you have and then pick a substitute with the same, or at least close to the same, mounting hole sizes & location, lever length, and lever actuating force.

Hi Paul_May,

I don’t think we have any switches which are exactly the same (electrically and physically) as yours, but we may have few which might work.

The D3V-164M-2A5 you mention will NOT work, as it is a “Normally Closed” switch, which opens when the lever is pressed. In your switch, that would be the equivalent to connecting to the upper contact rather than the lower one.

One somewhat uncommon feature of your switch is that the attachment point of the lever to the body is in the closer slot to the plunger. Most switches attach in the further slot. With that in mind, here are some options to consider:

TF316ECT244AY The lever extends about 14.3mm beyond the end of the body. This one has the lever in the slot closer to the plunger, like yours. The contacts are the same size as your switch (6.3mm) and the contacts are normally open (until lever pressed).

966-2415603-ND With this one, you might have to remove the lever and attach it to the pins closer to the plunger. In this position, the lever will extend approximately 14.4mm beyond the end of the body. The quick-connect contacts are smaller on this one, at 4.8mm. Your current wire contacts may still work with this, but you might have to cut them off an attach smaller quick-connect contacts for a solid connection.

Z4632-ND With this one, you may have to move lever to the slot closer to plunger. It is not trivial, but can be done with needle nosed pliers. However, even without moving the lever, it extends about 34mm beyond the end of the body, so you may be able to use it by just bending it and adding padding below it, similar to how your current lever is configured. The contacts on this one are the same size as your current switch.

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