Looking for Honeywell/Microswitch - US20D20C00

I am looking for the switch in the link.
Link: https://www.electronicsurplus.com/micro-switch-us20d20c00-switch-micro-flat-lever-spdt

I checked online but, only one store seems to stock this part. Can you help me find it on your website or a similar one with the same dimensions.

Body: 7.5mm long x 2.5mm wide x 4.1mm high.

Kind Regards,

Hi @Astrorovin_98, please check AV4424619-ND from Panasonic whether it is suitable your design.

Hello Rovin:

This switch is not as small as the one you’re looking for, but it is in stock: 450-2035-ND The dimensions on this are 12.8 x 5.8 x 6.65, but hopefully it would work for your application.

Hi Astrorovin-98,

According to the datasheet I found for the US20D20C00, it has silver contacts rated for 500mA. Therefore, I would recommend the 255-3743-ND (Panasonic p/n AV4424).

Looks like a drop-in replacement.