Compatible part

I bought part EG1910-ND I went to match it up with my old switch and it is shorter then my old switch and the pins are not spaced out enough

The EG1910-ND is .630 long .25 wide
My old switch is .77 long and .25 wide

My question is do you have one this size ?

thanks in advance


Welcome to the Technical Forum. I looked through many options on the website. Either they are larger, or smaller. This size is actually the closest I see. Otherwise the other options I find are a lot smaller , or a lot larger. I did not find anything. Sorry.

Hi @huskey.hills ,

If you do not locate this switch elsewhere, you may want to solder wires from the board up to an alternate switch with similar function to a panel or elsewhere on the device such as a double pole multi throw panel mount rotary or toggle switch.