The difference between DE1 and DE2

Hi guys,

Which of the DE1 or DE2 is more efficient for some logical mathematical process?(such as Random number generation)

Thank you.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please provide the complete part numbers for the parts in question.

Hi mbzadegan,

There are several versions of “DE1” and “DE2”, including all of these. However, at this time, the DE2 versions currently available are for the Cyclone IV or older, whereas the DE1 versions currently available include a Cyclone V option, so, assuming the Cyclone V has improved mathematical efficiency (this is not a guarantee), then the DE1-SoC might be a good choice.

  • DE1-SoC (P0159) Cyclone V SE

  • DE2-115 P0059 Cyclone IV E

However, the real comparison you probably should be making is between the DE1 and the DE10 options, as both of these are offered in Cyclone V versions.

Here are the current versions of the DE10:

  • DE10-Standard (P0493-ND) Cyclone V SX

  • DE10-Nano (P0496-ND) Cyclone V SE

  • FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit 2.0 (DE10-Nano + WiFi & Bluetooth module) (P0737-ND) Cyclone V SE