Cyclone V processor on DE10 looks odd

On a brand new DE10 board, the cyclone V processor looks odd.

A light grey rectangle a few mm from each side, it looks like heat damage.

It this normal?


Hi stevos - welcome to the Tech Forum. I think you have a point, but I’d like to share this with the Product Manager for his opinion Can you tell me what part number you purchased and give me the Sales Order number, or Invoice number and I will share it with him, so that he can research it? Thank you!

Of course

Salesorder ID 72048562

P0496-ND Terrasic DE10-Nano

Thank you for your assistance

Thanks, stevos - I will get this information to my Product Manager and I’ll get back to you with his reply.

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Hi again stevos - my Product Specialist contacted the manufacturer about you photo. They said:

I’m afraid the picture is not clear enough, we can not analyse whether the FPGA IC is damage or not based on a picture.

Could you tell us what’s the problem with this DE10-Nano board? How did the customer use this board? If you’d like to send another photo by e-mail, you can send it to: and we can get that to the manufacturer. Thanks!

I have emailed the address.

In answer to the question, the customer, me, didn’t use it at all.

It was like this straight out of the box, completely unused. That’s when I took the pictures. Not even plugged in!

A pin was also bent, which I assumed happened in transport.

I initially thought that the board had been previously used, but the problem actually seems embedded in the cpu material.

I didn’t know if they were all like this, hence my initial question.

Now I am concerned.

Would it be possible to reserve a replacement item as I believe it is now low in stock?

This is in case you decide that the motherboard you shipped is not of the expected standard / is damaged.

Many thanks


We would not be able to reserve stock. I would recommend to try the board, and see if it works properly. If not, then contact our Sales Department and arrange a return/replacement, while we still have stock available. The items we sell come directly from the manufacture, and are previously unused.

Hi stevos:
I just got a reply from the manufacturer this morning. Here’s what they say:
"Before shipping out the DE10-Nano, our engineer tests these and all functions are normal, it won’t have heat damage in transport. This appears to be just normal discoloration, please advise the customer to test the board and tell us the result. "