TO-220AB vs TO-220-3



When looking at packaging there can be some confusion over how a device package is called out. Looking at part 497-3200-5-ND you will see the Supplier Device Package called out as TO-220AB and the Package/Case Called out as TO-220-3.

TO-220AB is a specific JEDEC call out. The AB calling out 3 straight legs with specific measurement specifications.

TO-220-3 is a generic call out for at part that has a TO-220 body and 3 legs. This has become more common as options with 2,3,5 or 7 legs in the same package.

With the JEDEC standard there was also an AA callout that has been inactivated. AA called out 2 legs that were bent at a right angle. There is also AC that is a current 2 leg package.

This could also be called out with the package TO-220-2 as the “2” would be calling out 2 legs. You may also find a -5(5-leg) or -7(7leg) version.

You may also see a JEDEC callout that is TO-220F or TO-220FP. This would be calling out a Full PAK.