To amplify voltage and control a piezoelectric actuator (PZT-5H)

I have a project where I need to control the actuation of a piezoelectric patch (PZT-5). I have attached the specifications of the patch below. Can I use BOS1921 for voltage amplification and control signal generation?
piezo-material-properties-data-sheet-20201112 (1).pdf (115.3 KB)

Checking on this one. Will let you know when I have the answer.

Is there update

Here the answer I received from the supplier.

The document shared is a materials specification for a piezo ceramic itself. Unfortunately, it does not provide any piezo capacitances directly. Near the bottom, it appears to list formulas for the piezo capacitance based on the type (disc, plate) and size.

To use this document, you would have to calculate the capacitance based on the chosen dimensions of your piezo. However, there are also off-the-shelf actuators available which will directly provide the actuator specifications in their datasheet.

Once your piezo capacitance, frequency and output voltage are known, you can easily check that the actuator can be driven using the information in the BOS1921 Datasheet.

For reference, the BOS1921 is rated to safely drive a capacitive load of 100nF @ 300Hz, with an output voltage range of 190 Vpk-pk. It can also drive more capacitive loads with compromise on the bandwidth.

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