Toggle on-off switch for a mini light and 9V battery

Hi everyone. I am installing a mini-light apart of a model kit. I have the power source (a 9V battery) and the mini lamp. See photo. What I need is a very small toggle switch (panel mounted) that I can use to turn the circuit on and off. I have seen a few possibilities, including M2011 SD3W01 or M2011 SSI W01/VC, but not sure which is best for my needs - either these or maybe another one.

I am very new to this kind of electrical work - this is my project with lighting. So any advice would be grateful. Also, there are in fact two lamps that I would like to connect to this single battery and switch.

Thanks, Carl

Welcome to the forum.

Both of those switches will work, nearly any switch will work in this application.

Only unusual special purpose switches will have a DC voltage rating lower than 10V or a current rating too small for the normal current drawn from a 9V battery (0.1A or less).

Many thanks Paul!