Illuminating the switch but no load to control

|Digi-Key Part Number|2368-54-240W-ND||

I wish to use a model railroad DC transformer to power this switch.
The only function I desire is to be able to toggle from red to green and green to red as needed. The is no load just the switch illuminated to with green to red. What do your think for powering it up so it lights when red or green is selected. Thanks, Jon


Would you be looking for something like the 364-1254-ND?
L6R06H-120 Tri-Mag, LLC | Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) | DigiKey

Also being you said DC power I would recommend looking at using the 2368-54-239W-ND instead.
54-239W NTE Electronics, Inc | Switches | DigiKey Marketplace

As that one used 12vdc instead of 110vac for the illuminaiton.