TPS79801QDGNRQ1 has abnormal solder pad

I find there are four solder pads on the backboard, and I think this will affect our surface mount line, have risk for solder shorts, also the planarity and lead reliability, Would you please kindly help check and fingure out for me? Why has this design?

What is the part number of this IC?

Dear, the part# is TPS79801QDGNRQ1, any more, just let me know, thanks.


From what Iā€™m seeing the recommended pad layout and Note 9 takes into account this extended pad, calling it creepage. They advise designing a larger extended thermal pad and covering that area with solder mask.

Note 9 per datasheet: ā€œ9. Size of metal pad may vary due to creepage requirement.ā€

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Wow, got with thanks.

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