Identify an SMD Diode top marking

Hello, I have multiple faulty SMD Diodes with this top marking. They are in a NovaElectric UPS. I appreciate any assistance identifying this component.

Hello chuhn,

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Do you have any other information on this, to help us identify it?
Any idea on the voltage that goes to it, or the physical size of t he body?
What is the size of the solder pads it attaches to, and the space between them?

The physical size of the body is 0.11" (2.8mm) long X 0.063" (1.6mm) wide. The greatest dimensions of the pads is 0.28" (711mm) long X .11" (2.8mm) wide. The reference designation on the CCA is D45. Thank you for the response.

could it be this one?

MMSZ5226BT1G, Zener Diodes, 3.3V, 500mW/0.5W, SOD123/1206

If you llok at the data sheet on this link:

The marking is the D1 and the dimensions look the same. It very well could be this part.

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