Transmitter and receiver for direction and distance


I am looking for a transmitter and receiver where the receiver can determine the direction and distance to the transmitter. The range should be at least 25 meters and the size of each should be small, maybe a few centimeters in area. I was told this would involve 2 way communication so then I would be fine with each of these devices having both tx and rx capabilities. This is for prototyping purposes. Thanks!

There are many different solutions possible, depending on your usecase. Can you tell more about your use case and what exactly your requirements are.

Don’t be discouraged by the size of the list below. You don’t have to answer all of them but it makes helping to find a solution much easier if we know more. Just give as much information as possible.


  • Range: 25m
  • Size: a few cm
  • Is it line of sight?
  • What resolution do you need for distance?
  • What resolution do you need for direction?
  • Do you need that information on both sides?
  • Do the transmitter and receiver be coupled or can it detect just “anything”?
  • How fast does it have to be (latency, measurment frequency)?
  • Do you need direction in one or two axis?
  • How much do you want to pay?
  • How much do you want to do yourself?
  • What is the timeframe of your project?
  • Power budget constraints?

In the simplest case, a TOF sensor might be all you need (maybe mounted so its field of view can be rotated for direction). Depending on your requirements, it might become a huge project…

But it sounds interesting, go on!

Hi, this is just for prototype so something maybe not too expensive. Also the field of view will have to 360 degrees.
Range: 100 meters
Size: a few centimeters
Line of sight: the transmitter might be in someone’s pocket but otherwise yes
Resolution for distance: 2 meters at 100 meters distance but higher when receiver is closer to transmitter
Need information on both sides: not necessary
Can transmitter and receiver be coupled: receiver just needs to know where transmitter is
Latency: 100 ms
Direction: preferably both axis
How to pay: maybe less than $30?
How much I want to do myself: these items will interface to other components, so I am willing to do whatever is necessary. I just need reliable transmitter and reciever which can provide data to a controller
Timeframe: I hope to get the parts maybe within a month?
Power budget: I haven’t calculated yet, but as low power as possible since it will run on maybe AA batteries

Sorry can’t get into too much detail on the use case , I hope you understand and I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Ok. This rules out some simple solutions…

that’s quite a big range which rules out some more simple solutions…

Ok, so optical systems are out. We need to use RF.

2m resolution. If it’s outdoors it could maybe be done with GPS…

Could tgere be several objects that need to be distinguished?

Ok. That’s possible with most solutions. At least it’s not ms :slight_smile:

ouch. 2D. Precise height is hard with GPS. Maybe some indoor positioning system might be your best bet…

Oh, no clue if this is doable. Especially for a prototype.

It’s very well possible, that there is no easy solution that will work out of the box. Your requirements are quite high.

Hard, especially with todays economy.

Might be doable with passive tags. But this would require more infrastructure around it.

No problem.

I’d suggest you read up on different solutions for indoor positioning/navigation systems and look what could come close to what you want/need. Many things can be customized to your needs so the system does not have to cover 100% of what you want.

Here google is your friend. Do some research there. Only you know what fits your needs best and what you feel comfortable with. Look at 3-4 solutions you like and maybe come back here and show them. Write, what you like about them and what you don’t like and maybe together we can find something.

Hello again,

It seems like BLE 5.1 meets my direction finding, sub-meter accuracy and range criteria. I looked at 3 products which look promising but my main concern is successfully testing with a correlating eval board and sufficient documentation. Also, my focus is the ability for a transceiver to locate another relative to its position (not relative to a room, building, etc).

  1. bluetooth-51-nrf52811-module-mk06/ : (sorry, I am a new user and have a link limit) I am having a hard time finding an eval board for this and documentation seems better at other companies. Maybe I need to contact on of their experts.
  2. CC2652R7 data sheet, product information and support | This has more flash memory and faster processor, but these are secondary.
  3. The eval board for this ( EFR32BG22 Thunderboard Kit) has an IMU which is actually what I need as well for sensor fusion.

So, in summary, I like the TI chip the most, but prefer the eval board for the Silicon Labs because of the IMU. But since I am still in the early stages of prototyping and just need to test stuff out, I am hoping I can get a sample before making purchases. I appreciate your help.

to check on samples you have to call in to talk to sales , for these parts I not sure samples would be done but you can always ask.