Trinamic TMC2208-EVAL-KIT


Trinamic has created an eval kit for the TMC2208 Step/Dir driver for two-phase Bipolar Stepper motors up to 2A peak. In addition it uses stealthChop for quiet movement for applications such as 3d printers, and ATM cash recyclers.

Kit contents

  • STARTRAMPE (base board)

  • TMC2208- BRIDGE (connector board with several test points and stand-alone settings)

  • TMC2208-Eval (Eval-Board)

Principle of Operation
Trinamics Silent drive technology (stealthChop) enables a non-bugging motion control for home and office applications. The TMC2208 allows the selection of the desired microstep resolution. A choice of 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 microsteps can be used with the Step/Dir interface to adapt to the driver capabilities of the motion controller. Trinamic’s stealthChop2 chopper plus the microstep enhancement microPlyer (Microstep interpolator for obtaining full 256microstep smoothness) ensure noiseless operation, maximum efficiency, and best motor torque! It also has a simple to use 8 bit UART interface that opens up more tuning and control options.

The below link will get you to our site, that has the datasheet for the part, Gerber Files, Schematics, and Layout PDF’s for the part.
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Here is a link to the TMCL IDE software in addition to code for the part in C and some C++. Also has the supported interfaces for CAN and RS485
click here for software, code, and more downloads

Part Numbers
1460-1213-ND (TMC2208-EVAL-KIT)
Manufacturer TMC2208-EVAL-KIT

If you want some more knowledge on the part you can also access our EEWiki page.