Twisted Pair wire

Can I buy single twisted pair UTP 24 AWG solid wire in 500-1000 foot rolls?

Hi @koality, welcome to the forum. Here are a couple in-stock options that I think will meet your requirements:

Please take a look at these options:


I need single solid UTP 24 AWG bare with no shield or covering just two wires twisted pvc insulated on a spool. Last roll cost 3 cents a foot. 4 pair cat 5 sells for 11 cents a foot in 1000 spools with vinyl sleeve. I do not need a sleeve just a single twisted pair on a spool. Not stranded but solid wires.

I believe what you are looking for is referred to as “Cross Connect Wire”, and looks like this, right?

I don’t believe we carry such wire (somebody correct me if I’m wrong on that). I would go online and search the term “utp 24 awg solid Cross Connect Wire”. Should give you a number of options.

Thank You David !! Cross Connect Wire did it. $47 from CA free shipping to ID 1000 ft.In stock. I never heard of cross connect. Amazing help, Bless You. Russ