Ubuntu 20.04: was DE0-Nano-SoC Kit

Hi Rob,

No more ubuntu in the procedure ? Any plan to bring it back ? I was using it (and it works great).

BTW, thank you so much for this page. My DE0-Nano-SoC is alive thanks to it !


Hi @flelirzin correct, i’ve been slowly dropping support for Ubuntu, while you still can build your own version of ubuntu via:

./RootStock-NG.sh -c eewiki_minfs_ubuntu_focal_armhf.conf

Now that we have more then just armel and armhf based images. Over the last year, I’ve been working on “arm64” and “riscv64” targets. Would it be wise to also add ubuntu based arm64 and risv64? IDK, since i’m barely able to support ubuntu armhf now, i think it’s just wise to focus on Debian only.


Hi Rob,
Thanks a lot for the answer,
No, please don’t bother about Ubuntu for armhf for me, I’m a hobbiest who use Ubuntu and I have no commercial justification to keep ubuntu support. I have a DE0-nano-SoC board, and before going to more powerful, I want to be sure to learn everything I can on it (as driver dev for example). Likely I should go on DE10-Nano board which is more trendy right now.
I implemented a 256x32 LEd matrix on it, and it is all based on your page about how to put Linux on DE0-nano-SoC.
Thank you so much for it.