U-boot spl for De0 Nano SoC Kit


Hi, I used your instructions to build an image for De0 Nano Soc Kit, and it works well.
However, the uboot-with-spl.sfp, while it works to boot to Linux, does not manage the loading of FPGA *.rbf file.
If I have an FPGA file I want to load on boot, the “normal” approach from Intel/Altera as recommended by the GSRD releases is to use their SoCEDS tools to generae a makepimage.bin for the SPL and build Uboot from their local tar of an old/Altera modded uboot. I want to use the latest U-boot, but these modifications to allow FPGA loading (including the FPGA handoff code/etc) does not appear to be in your patches.

Is this possible on the latest U-boot, or do I need to revert to the older Altera/Intel toolchain?


@petesmudge, sadly today we still have to use the older Altera/Intel toolchain. Patches have been posted to the u-boot mailing list, but last i checked they haven’t been fully integrated yet. So we are getting “very” close to FPGA loading on mainline u-boot…



Thanks for the reply - I would be very interested to see this become available, as it would make maintaining the codebase more optimal if I can just patch settings changed by the FPGA to my u-Boot tree and build it all in uBoot without having to do a full SoCEDS install and manual/GUI based steps.