UL File Number

Hi All,

I’m looking for the UL file number for 2 part numbers:
B72220S0271K101, B59850C0130A070

They’re both from vendor TDK but the spec sheet doesn’t say. Do you have a TDK contact you could connect us with?


Hello Austin,
Welcome to the TechForum, we do not have contact information to offer you would have to go to the manufacturer web site and click the contact tab.

It’s rather buried on the TDK site, but navigating to the disk varistors section and selecting the “general technical information” tab offers a downloadable “approvals” document that may be of use.

The Approvals link is also on TDK’s individual Varistor’s product page, kindly see below location for B72220S0271K101

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Thanks all! I see this looks good for B72220S0271K101, but B59850C0130A070 seems to have slightly different information. I’ll check in with the vendor on this.