Finding UL E number for a listed product?

I found a switch that says it is UL listed but I need the UL E number - how do I find that?


Typically if the e-number is listed it would either be on the data-sheet or listed in that item’s manufacturer’s site page.

If that is not listed in either location you can ask here. We can then look into getting that data.

I have tried both and couldn’t find it in either. I am looking for an E-T-A part number 3120-N311-P7T1-W15FY3-20A. The datasheet indicates it is UL listed.

You can create a free account on UL Prospector where you can browse all files for manufacturers etc. It’s a great tool when trying to locate the file numbers.

In your case might you be looking for file E67320?
“3120” is recognized according to the file, and i Figure the following numbers in the MPN is just mounting methods etc.