UL recognition discrepancy

Hi. We’ve sourced a relay through Digikey (PB1860-ND – TE OZ-SH-112LM1,294) that is stated to be UL-recognized on the datasheet, and bears the cURus mark. The UL file for the component, however, does not list it as recognized, and our UL reviewer can’t find a file for it. Can anyone sort out the discrepancy?

Hello, we are checking on this one. Will post when we get an answer.

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Per the datasheet, this part is covered under UL file E82292. If there are further questions regarding UL on this part, please to reach out to TE directly as the part is covered per this link.

That’s the crux of the discrepancy: the E82292 file shown on the datasheet does not contain a listing for the OZ series. This is confirmed by UL.

I’ve found the OZ series listed under file E58304. Presumably the datasheet needs to be updated.

Both UL numbers appear, depending on which version of the datasheet one pulls up.

From the datasheet we have linked on our website, it is shown as UL File No. E82292.


From the datasheet linked directly from the TE Connectivity website, it is shown as UL File No. E58304.

My assumption is that the E58304 number is an updated number. Note that the CSA number remains the same, but that the TuV number is updated and a CQC number has been added.