Understanding Date Codes from Bourns Inc

We frequently get questions on how to read the date codes on parts. Bourns Inc. makes this easy by providing a date summary on their website.

For example, I have a Trimpot® Potentiometer from Bourns with a date code of 2108C.

Bourns summary first breaks down parts by type or series, so I scroll down until I find the section covering Trimpot® products. In that section it is further broken down, in this case by the number of digits in the code.

According to the information given there 2108C is read as yy/ww and the fifth digit is the location of manufacture. Putting that all together for our date code we get 2021, week 8, manufactured in Costa Rica.

For further exploration please see the referenced date code summary on the Bourns website through the link below.

Bourns Date Code Summary