Unidentified programmer - Allegro -?

4963ProgramUserV1.pdf (474.1 KB)

Hello all,

Can someone perhaps help us identify the part pictured (programmer) in the attached PDF.



I looked around and couldn’t find anything on it. My suspicion is that it no longer exists.

However, the demo board for the A4963, the APEK4963GLP-01-T-DK, includes a ZIF socket for the chip and has a header which allows for communication and programming of the A4963, so it serves the same purpose, in addition to being an evaluation platform for the chip.

One must also order the interface cable, the 620-1754-ND, to connect your PC to the board.

Hmm, that’s nice. That info seems to be written in invisible ink in the datasheet. The schematic for the eval board does not appear to have any sort of charge-pump circuit, which is typically used for such purposes, so, based on what you were told, it certainly doesn’t look like that board can natively can do it.

Unfortunately, the datasheet doesn’t even identify which pin requires the 24V, much less give any info about the actual protocol used, so it would be hard to hack it.

I will inquire with our product manager for Allegro to see if there is a solution, and get back to you.

Thank you,. From what I can gather it needs 24v on VBB, and the register is written one at a time on a rising clock…set on the falling… protocol is SPI.

That’s all I got so far…

Very important project…