Unknown rectangle connector need help to find wiring connector

the prongs on the back side are 3mm apart where it connects to the board

one connector is a 22pin and the other is a 24 pin

im looking the wire connector the clips into it. it has latch on top to lock it in

the dimensions of connector is 6.75mm in height
the 22pin width is 33.75mm
the 24pin width is 36.50 mm
the spacing between each connecting…the separator between each wire connection is .3mm

the space of each connection / the box measurement where the wiring harness would go in
each of those are 2.5mm

if there is any other info im missing just let me know

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Take a look at Digikey part WM20132-ND for the 24 position and Digikey part WM13213-ND for the 22 position. You will also need the crimp contacts for these housings. Not sure what size wire gauge you will be using but you can select the correct size from these options in either tin or gold , Rectangular Connector Contacts | Rectangular Connectors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

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Double check your measurements, almost all rectangular connectors have the same spacing for the contacts and PCB leads.

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i was talking about the chamber where wire connector goes in is each of them are 2.5mm

the spacing between pins on where it connects to the board is 3mm
and im pretty sure its 3mm where the connector connects to the header