UOLED-96-g2 sd card

Hi guys I am new here.
I recently bought the uoled 96 g2. Main purpose being to play videos off the sd card.

Here is the problem. I have tried various ways and codes but I am unable to play anything.

I have formatted the card to the correct fat-16.

Basically I would like to play one or few videos files on this device.

I would be obliged if anybody could help me.

Would the specific card you are using be SPI compatible?
Per the manufacturer doc.
Note: A microSD card capable of SPI is a requirement for all 4D Systems’ display modules powered by Goldelox, Picaso or Diablo16 Processors. If a non-SPI compatible card is used, it will simply fail to mount, or may cause intermittent issues resulting in lock ups and crashing of the application. Please refer to the 4D Systems website for microSD cards offered by 4D Systems.

Yes I believe the sd card to be compatible. It came with the device along with the cable to plug into the pc.

HI @kingkamz , take a look at this Application Note:

It looks like you’ll have to use the Workshop 4 IDE to build your player… Workshop4


Thanks buddy I will look into

hi Robert.

i looked into the info u suggested. and in regards to the video. i know how to place that part. i am struggling with the code where it actually sends to the device. so it enables the video to play.

the codes i have seen keep giving me errors and not working for me

can you share a log or screen shot of these errors?