Swissbit 1052-SFU1008GJ1AE1TO-1-5S-2AP-STD not working

We had been using industrial flash module Swissbit SPU1018GJ1Ab2TO-I-GS-2AP-STD. I t became unavailable so we subbed 1052-SFU1008GJ1AE1TO-1-5S-2AP-STD.
The sub doesn’t work. I get the USB connect bell however it cannot be written to or read from.
Anyone else had this experience?
Are these two not compatible?

Hi @jaspit please re-check your part number… I’m not seeing “1052-SFU1008GJ1AE1TO-1-5S-2AP-STD”…


I guess you mean this MPN: SFUI008GJ1AE1TO-I-5S-2AP-STD
and as this is an INDUSTRIAL EMBEDDED USB MODULE from GERMANY, that means you could start an official failure analysis.
I hope no-one else had this experience !?!
These two parts should be fully backward compatible.

Yeh, the ones and the I’s and the zeros and O’s are ambiguously read.
I do mean the SFUI008GJ1AE1TO-I-5S-2AP-STD.
We poer these with 3.3v not 5v.
Is that OK?

What part would you suggest we use as an alternate that is in stock at Digikey?
The memory capacity isn’t too important. We only store a couple megabytes.

Based on

While these are designed to operate under Vcc of 3.3 or 5 volts… The 3.3v option would really depend on the downstream device…


Hi @jaspit which interface do you actually need, from your original post to followup, these use two devices use different interfaces… Compact flash vs Embedded USB module…

Swissbit’s Compact Flash that was refernced in your original post:

Or the Swissbit Embedded USB module:


Well Robert, that explains it.

We accidently bought 110 pieces of SFUI016GJ1AB2TO-I-GS-2AP-STD.
Can they be returned for credit to buy the correct embedded type SFUI008GJ1AE1TO-I-5S-2AP-STD?
(What a difference one letter makes)

Hi @jaspit please directly contact customer service. We don’t do returns directly on the forum…