USB2.0 to I3C

I currently use FT4222H (FT4222HQ-D-T) on an evaluation board for SPI/I2C communication with PMIC.
I need to find an equivalent which can support I2C/I3C (does not need SPI).
Seems to be difficult to find this device.
Any suggestions appreciated.

He Declan,

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I was unable to find a USB to I3C bridge in our system or in a search online. Seems like it is a relatively new specification from the USB Implementers Forum.

I3C seems to be in the state I2C was in back in the 1980’s, just getting started, some controller support but few peripheral chips with support. Given the tiny improvements, and much greater processing overhead vs. I2C and SPI it may be many more years before there is a good variety of peripheral function chips.

Good intro article

NXP has 4 chips nothing sophisticated or frankly useful to most people