In-Stock alternative for PI5USB30213AXEAEX (USB 3.1 receptacle mux)


I was hoping I could get some help with finding a replacement part for the PI5USB30213AXEAEX. It’s looking like this and other USB C SuperSpeed 3.1 muxes might be casualties of the chip shortage, and as I’m new to USB component design I would really appreciate being pointed in the direction of other potentially usable parts that are in stock.

For reference, this mux will be used to handle cable orientation for a USB C receptacle. Figure 2 at this link shows how we plan to use it with a Cypress FX3 USB controller. This will be an Upstream Facing Port and a power sink, and my understanding is that we can just use 5V 3A from the VBUS rather than worrying about needing a USB Power Delivery controller, SBU, or VCONN.

Thank you for the help!

Hi Anuj,
Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. We do have these options available that are similar. Review these to see if one will work for your application.

Hi Steve,

Thank for the response. If I understand correctly, for the devices you referenced it look like a separate controller may be needed to handle the CC1 & CC2 pins, and then that controller will feed into this mux. Do you have suggestions for that other controller?