The FUSB3307MX is discussed on the Digikey site and it’s specs seem to be exactly what we are looking for. The project is to fast-tract the deployment of hundreds of solar / automotive battery powered USB PD PPS (5 to 20 volts) units to Ukraine. The good news is that you have a significant quantity of the the FUSB3307MX in stock. The bad news is that it shows as obsolete. I am not concerned about the obsolescence - there will be variations available from other manufacturers. My concern is if the part proved to be reliable. It makes no sense to build our device with the part just because it is available if it was found to have a high failure rate or did not work as designed. Please share any insight you might have for this part. Also I would like to hear about any other parts that you might suggest. The MAX25432 sounds perfect howerver there are limited quantities available from both you and Analog devices.

David Carlin

Personally, I do not have any experience of using the The FUSB3307MX evaluation board. I could not find any review either. Let’s see if any other user has to say anything worthwhile about its reliability.

Hello DavidCarlin. I wanted to let you know that I have e-mailed our Product Specialist to see if he has experienced any customers having difficulties with the part and if he can address its’ reliability. As soon as I have a reply from him, I’ll let you know his thoughts on the matter.

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Hello DavidCarlin: My Product Specialist replied: “I have had no reported issues when it comes to the reliability of this part.”