Alternative of FT232BL IC

I designed and implement My PCB USB to serial converter using FT232BL FTDI Chip but the stock in DIGIKEY is 0 so I need alternative Part pin to pin and same function pin that available in Digikey

Hello Mahmoud.Reda

Thank you for the inquiry, I have searched our product offering and unfortunately we did not carry a direct replacement for this IC.

For new design manufacturer has recommended migration to FT232R series

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Hi mahmoud.reda,

Yes, the FT232B has been “Not Recommended For New Design” for some time now. We do still have some stock of the QFN packaged version of the same part, the FT232BQ-REEL. It would require a PCB change, but since the pin assignments are still the same and the QFN is just smaller, it would fit in the same space and the redesign effort required would be relatively simple.

In this drawing, I superimposed the QFN package on top of the QFP package. The pins are in the same relative positions, just closer together, and there is a requirement to solder the center pad as well, for package stability.

This is still not a good long-term solution, as once our stock is depleted, you won’t be able to get any more, but it might get you through with minimal redesign in the short term.

Long term, you should consider either the FT232RN or the “X” series parts (FT230X, FT231X, or FT234X), as they are much newer parts.