Using NanEyeM camera

Hi I wonder if anyone has experience with the NanEyeM camera. NEM_RGB_2.5M_FOV120_F4.0 FT SE ams-OSRAM USA INC. | Sensors, Transducers | DigiKey

We are interested in using this tiny camera, but we weren’t sure what we need other than the camera to connect this to the computer.
It seems like it has 4 output pins if we don’t use LEDs.
Then would any 4 pin to USB connector work for interfacing this product with the computer?


I have not use that item, sorry.

The way I read the documentation for that item is that the use of the LED that item has is optional.
And the non-use of it does not then mean that those lines can be used as a data line. But rather they can just not be used altogether.
At which point you can then use the remaining connections to attach to a USB connector of your choice and then connect to a computer.

Hope that helps

Hi Doljun,

This camera is not compatible with USB. It uses an LVDS interface, which would typically be connected to an FPGA or DSP of some type for capturing and processing the images.

The NANO_FIB_BOX_2.0 has been developed to help configure and evaluate the NEM_RGB_2.5M_FOV120_F4.0 FT SE.