Vacuum sealed packages

Not once I was asked by the customers whether they will get the parts in vacuum sealed package

We need to distinguishes between two cases

  • If customer is ordering the parts with MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) defined by the manufacturer, using “-2” (ex, 445-11219-2-ND) or “TR” (ex, ATTINY88-MUR TR -ND) suffixes before “-ND”, then the parts are shipped in manufacturer’s original package - vacuum sealed package (if and where applicable)

  • If the customer is ordering partial quantity, less than manufacturer defined MOQ, then it is a different story.

First, it should be understood that by allowing the customer to order partial quantity, the manufacturer original package should be opened and Digi-Key breaks down the packaging to smaller quantities

Having said that, below is Digi-Key moisture care procedure that addresses this issue of “opening manufacturer’s vacuum bag and repackaging it with smaller quantities”

Digi-Key repackages all MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) products from levels 2 to 5A in a moisture barrier bag with desiccant and a Humidity Indicator Card (HIC). All MSL 2 to 5A products are sealed at all times in a moisture barrier bag with desiccant and a HIC while on Digi-Key’s shelves. Digi-Key opens the package for orders only and repackages the smaller quantities into new moisture barrier bags with fresh desiccant and a new HIC. The product in the master pack is then sealed again and placed back into stock. Each time the master pack is opened for an order the HIC is viewed to make sure that the product is dry before sending to the customers. If the HIC indicates that there is moisture in the pack then those parts are not picked for the order and the product is baked or dried. Once the drying process is complete then the product is returned to stock for availability to the customers.

When Digi-Key repackages the product into a new moisture barrier bag with fresh desiccant and a new HIC, this is resetting the shelf life clock therefore the customer can use them right away. The one thing they must do is to make sure that the HIC still states the environment inside the bag is dry. As long as the HIC still has 3 blue dots then the product is dry and it is safe to reflow. If the HIC is pink then that means the bag has some moisture in the environment and the product should be baked before using, this could happen due to holes in the bag caused during transit. The HIC should be viewed every time the bag is opened.

Need to note that MSL 6 products are mandatory bake before use.
and MSL 1 products have unlimited life after opening the vacuum sealed bag.