Vehicle Tire Test DAQ

Hi there,
I am a Mechanical Engineer and want to measure electrical circuits and transfer data wirelessly to my laptop. The work includes a piezoelectric energy harvester that generates voltage inside a spinning tire. This voltage is AC, so I will use a bridge rectifier to transfer it to DC. Then I need to measure current and voltage and send this data via wireless protocol. Because for spinning tires, I cannot use wires. the voltage generated from zero to 100 V. The distance from my tire to my Laptop is no more than 2 meters. I was reading about MCU, ADC, ADS for week till now and get confused more and more because I dont have a programming background. I checked LabJack T7 pro because it has wireless connection and does not need programming to present the data on the PC using Kipling software, but the device a little bit expensive so Iam still searching for alternatives.

Thanks in advance

Checking on this for you now. Will let you know when I have any information for you.

Hello engibrahimali,

Apologies for the delay.

Have you found a solution for your data acquisition system?

Wireless should be a good solution. I once worked with a group that mounted a Raspberry Pi on a turning lathe. They were able to send WIFI data with no problems. In fact, they connected a camera to the device and streamed the video to a laptop. The spinning image made me dizzy.

Please let me know if you would like to explore ideas.

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