Wandboard Quad - driver gpu installation

Hi, I just cooked the newest linux version for the wandboard with its 4.14 kernel.

After testing it with the gpu drm driver, I have observed that both glxgears and glmark2-es obtain an average of 59fps in the best of cases, the linux distribution is excellent, since I have put the lxde windows environment to save cpu consumption resources, but there is something that I do not see correct in the gpu driver, since the performance when I have compared it with the official distribution of technexion ubuntu 16.04, the glmark2 that comes by default compiled from the factory, throws about 230 fps in the horse test approximately, and with the drm driver it reaches 59fps. Could not change the driver to give the same performance as in Ubuntu 16.04 ?.

Thanks to Robert C Nelson for the amazing tutorial on cooking the debian distribution.

Could someone comment on some steps to install the driver ?.


glxgears is not a benchmark…

mesa by default enables vsync… set the vblank_mode variable to 0 to disable only rendering at the monitor refresh.

vblank_mode=0 glxgears

Sorry, I have no interest in Vivante’s driver…

The Etnaviv driver Etnaviv · GitHub used in mesa is more OpenGL compliant and more tested then Vivante’s original driver.


I’ve already checked Robert, thank you.

I did not remember the vertical synchronization of the monitor when deactivating it, it is true that glxgears gains performance, it also does so in glmark2, but it does not reach the vivante controller in performance, it is true that with the original vivante controller it breaks the graphic configuration table when you install the sdl libraries, then I agree with the compatibility, you cannot have both or everything.

Thanks again Robert.

Which version of mesa is installed on your platform?

lsb_release -a
dpkg --list | grep mesa

We can take a look to see if upgrading it is pretty trivial…


That version is the one I get

Okay, mesa 19.1.x, yeah looking at my repo history, 19.2.x in debian required llvm-9, an updated libclc-dev, thus i only upgraded it to 19.1.x… Debian itself only shipped 18.3.6 in Debian 10…


Thanks Robert for the support provided.


btw, Debian 11 should be released in the next few months, which will give us mesa 20.3.5… We should see a nice bump for this board…


Great!! I will be waiting to test it.