Warranty Terms

What are the warranty terms for the following 2 items we source from you please. My end user needs it for their files, will you please email me a copy?

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I will see if we can upload the information. I am unable to find this information on either webiste. We would not be able to e-mail on a Tech Forum post that I am aware. This is a link to the Terms and conditions for the DigiKey warranty and returns process. I need to send the two part numbers to the Product Specialist’s that would be handling these product accounts. We will post when we get the information.

Thank you for your patience,

As per PM,
The only warranty info avalible is on it’s datasheet in the disclaimer at the bottom.

What the above disclaimer is saying is that Vishay doesn’t guarantee that a product is appropriate for any particular use, and doesn’t guarantee that a part will be in production for ever and ever and ever. It doesn’t actually say anything about the condition of the product itself.

The sort of warranty terms requested will generally be encompassed within a supplier’s terms and conditions. “terms and conditions site:(supplier of interest).com” is a pretty reliable incantation for summoning that information.

The above highlighted datasheet snippet I don’t believe is correct, the current warranty information for Vishay Americas is available here under the language Terms and Conditions of Sale | Vishay

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