What are the product life, recommended maintenance and replacement timing of relays?


What are the product life, recommended maintenance and replacement timing of relays?



As the durability (life) of the product varies greatly depending on the operating conditions and environment, the recommended maintenance and replacement timings are not specified.
Based on the electrical and mechanical durability of relays, select a relay that meets your equipment, load, and application requirements.



Life of relay

Relay durability involves contact durability and coil durability.

  • Durability of coil: The standard value is 40,000 hours because of decrease in insulation due to heat generation when the rated voltage is continuously applied to the coil.
  • Durability of contact: Select a relay by referring to the graph of “Maximum opening/closing capacity” and “Durability curve” shown on the datasheet or the number of opening and closing times in the durability (electrical) data. The following are examples of power relays and signal (communication) relays.
    If contact reliability is important for signal (communication) relays, refer to the stability of contact resistance in contact reliability tests.

Power Relays (G6DN)

For more information, see FAQE10011E “Explain the maximum opening and closing capacity in the relay characteristics data.” and FAQE10013E “Explain how to interpret relay durability curve data.”.

Recommended maintenance and replacement timing

The following details can help you decide when to maintain the relay.


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