What changed in the ANT2 revision from 1.0 to 1.1?

Version 1.1 of the corehw CHW1010-ANT2-1.1 antenna array incorporated several minor enhancements to facilitate end product integration and improve manufacturability.

  • Grounding pads for pogo pins: 40 circular grounding pads were distributed around the board to provide contact points for pogo pin contacts. Note that in most cases a single ground connection to a locator’s control board is sufficient, however the distribution of grounding pads provides a high degree of flexibility for contact placement.

  • Solder mask openings on mounting holes: The 8 perimeter mounting holes now have 1.5mm annular solder mask openings around them, exposing the GND plane, in order to facilitate grounding connections through mounting screws. As described above, a single ground connection should be sufficient, and the multiple connection points are provided for flexibility.

  • Orientation markings: A silkscreened board orientation marking was added along the bottom edge on the top (component side) of the board to facilitate visual verification of correct orientation during integration. Similarly, another indicator was added along the bottom edge on the underside of the board.

  • Orientation keying hole: An additional 2mm keying hole is provided for use with guide pins to mechanically ensure correct orientation during integration.

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