What Connector do I need?

I don’t know what connector I need for these four vertical terminals on my board, toward the right side of the photo (right above the 15 fuse). Any help is much appreciated (I’m still learning!).


Those are known as quick connect or QC terminals. Tab width and thickness are things to consider when choosing a compatible connector.

Thank you! They are 0.8 mm thick and 6.8 mm wide. What might you suggest?

Hello tech18,

They sound like a standard 1/4" quick connect terminal, which are 6.35mm wide.
Click here for all the available options.
One you narrow it down to the wire AWG size you will be using, then decide if you want a fully insulated or partially insulated terminal.
Check the datasheets to help verify compatibility.

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Hi @tech18 ,

Assuming you need an 18-22awg wire, take a look at below options. Otherwise please refer to above link for additional options.

Click here for standard terminal 298-16681-ND
Click here for right angle version A27840-ND

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