What do GaN FETS look like and how do they work?

eGaN transistors are very similar to lateral FETs (Field Effect Transistors) made in silicon. Please refer to the application note Fundamentals of Gallium Nitride Power Transistors for a general discussion of the devices and technology.

The following videos also cover the basics of GaN:
How To GaN 01: Introduction – Material Compositions
How to GaN 03 – Performance Characteristics
EPC’s GaN Power Transistor Structure

Scanning electron micrograph cross section of an eGaN FET

What is the best place to find general information on applying EPC’s enhancement mode GaN power devices? - GaN Talk Support Forum EPC (epc-co.com)


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Applies to
917-1153-2-ND EPC2040
917-1138-2-ND EPC2038
917-1137-2-ND EPC2037
917-1100-2-ND EPC2036
917-1202-2-ND EPC2052
917-1081-2-ND EPC2007C
917-1086-2-ND EPC8010
917-1206-2-ND EPC2054
917-1186-2-ND EPC2045
917-1223-2-ND EPC2204
917-EPC2055TR-ND EPC2055
917-1084-2-ND EPC2012C
917-1199-2-ND EPC2202
917-1211-2-ND EPC2212
917-EPC2207TR-ND EPC2207
917-1078-2-ND EPC8009
917-1087-2-ND EPC2019
917-1204-2-ND EPC2053
917-1083-2-ND EPC2015C
917-EPC2218TR-ND EPC2218
917-1079-2-ND EPC2001C
917-1218-2-ND EPC2215
917-1085-2-ND EPC2010C
917-1212-2-ND EPC2206
917-1107-2-ND EPC2029
917-1151-2-ND EPC2031
917-1089-2-ND EPC2021
917-1126-2-ND EPC2032
917-1133-2-ND EPC2022
917-1106-2-ND EPC2024
917-1132-2-ND EPC2034
917-1214-2-ND EPC2034C
917-1131-2-ND EPC2033
917-1200-2-ND EPC2203
917-1201-2-ND EPC2051
917-1224-2-ND EPC2216
917-1147-2-ND EPC2039
917-1213-2-ND EPC2214
917-1072-2-ND EPC8004
917-EPC2065TR-ND EPC2065
917-1150-2-ND EPC2030
917-EPC2219TR-ND EPC2219
917-EPC2067TR-ND EPC2067
917-EPC2069TR-ND EPC2069
917-EPC2066TR-ND EPC2066
917-EPC2071TR-ND EPC2071
917-1082-2-ND EPC2014C
917-1080-2-ND EPC2016C
917-1105-2-ND EPC2020
917-1099-2-ND EPC2035
917-1118-2-ND EPC8002
917-EPC2302TR-ND EPC2302
917-1088-2-ND EPC2023
917-1184-2-ND EPC2104
917-1181-2-ND EPC2101
917-EPC2221TR-ND EPC2221
917-1180-2-ND EPC2100
917-1185-2-ND EPC2105
917-1182-2-ND EPC2102
917-1183-2-ND EPC2103
917-1174-2-ND EPC2111
917-1168-2-ND EPC2107
917-1110-2-ND EPC2106
917-1169-2-ND EPC2108
4107-FBG20N04AC-ND FBG20N04AC
917-1152-2-ND EPC2110
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