What electronic component is this?

What electronic component is this? I can’t find the datasheet and what is its effect?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I see the board has these listed starting with a Q which is a transistor, however, I wasn’t successful in finding any information based on the markings from these chips.

Hello tt3.hatrunglam,

That’s a serious data acquisition and control board featuring an older Altera (Intel) Field Programmable Gate Array FPGA. The board is manufactured by YURA TECH which specializes in automotive technology.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a solid answer for you. My best guess it that these devices are bidirectional level shifters similar to this 74LVCH1T45GW. Not so long ago, it was common for components to operate in mixed voltage environments. Perhaps the FPGAs with their 3.3 VDC I/O were crossed with 5 VDC systems.

Occasionally we encounter a part number that does not easily cross. This may be a rare component, or it may be proprietary.

Sorry, I couldn’t offer any additional assistance. However, we may yet get lucky as others may be able to locate a substitution or a source of supply.

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Hi @tt3.hatrunglam ,

As Steve and Aron pointed out, these guys are probably transistors and doing levelshifting or buffering on datalines from the FPGAs.

As there is no orientation marking on the devices, it strongly suggests that they are transistor pairs.
Diodes Inc. seems to use that unique double marking on some of their devises. N12G7 would suggest this prebiased pair:

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