What is basic technical differrence between 471-043 and 6002-410-024 part number

I want to understand what difference is between 471-043 and 6002-410-024 part number.
Technical spec is same and it is SDR B210… why price is different. Pls. explain

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Based on the product pages, it appears that 6002-410-024 is just the PCB assembly and 471-043 includes a case, cable, and power supply.

Searched Digilent and here’s ther page confirming this (toggle button to order with/without case kit):


Hi Mohit,
Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Paul H. is correct, part 6002-410-024 is the board only and part 471-043 is the kit, that’s why part 471-043 is listed at a higher price, it has accessories included.

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