What is the best way to evaluate EPC’s devices without designing a custom PCB?

EPC offers several tools to help simplify the evaluation process of EPC’s eGaN FETs and ICs We have development boards available which include all the critical components on a single board that can be easily connected into any existing system. The boards contain all the critical components and layout for optimal switching performance, including a gate drive circuit, an on-board gate drive supply, and bypass capacitors.

The list of available development boards and supporting documentation is growing and can be found on the Demo Boards product page.

EPC also provides P-SPICE, T-SPICE, LT-SPICE, and Spectre models for all devices on the Design Support page. Our experience has shown that the device models portray an extremely accurate representation of actual device performance. The results of our testing can be found in application note Circuit Simulation Using EPC Device Models.

For the engineer able to deploy the time and resources necessary to assemble EPC’s transistors directly onto a PCB, read our application note Assembling eGaN FETs and ICs.

Quick references to Die Attach and Detach are also available, along with video demonstrations on the Assembly Resources page.


Content and images provided courtesy of EPC’s (Efficient Power Conversion) support forum:

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