What is the capacitance and voltage of this capacitor?

I am looking for a replacement for the bottom left capacitor due to it bloating.
I tried looking up a few things and I an able to figure out the other capacitor type here but I do not get the formatting of the one that I need to know. I am not sure is 63V means 6.3V or if the V means 35V that I’ve seen for capacitors of this type. Also I don’t know the capacitance, is it 10?, 100?

Take a look at Digikey part number 493-7453-1-ND as an option to what you have, it appears this would be similar if not the same capacitor that you show in the photo, should be a 63 volt 100uF in the UUX series from Nichion, here’s the data sheet link showing the part markings https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/nichicon/UUX1J101MNL1GS/493-7453-1-ND/3768847

Sorry, I sent the wrong link, here is the data sheet link e-uux.pdf (nichicon.co.jp)

Many thanks. I was looking at a different sheet that helped me determine the other capacitor but confused me on this one. Glad it was as simple as it looked.