What is the difference between starter kit and thermal image kit

what is the difference between starter kit and thermal image kit of mosaic core camera

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If you’re looking at the difference between Digi-key’s descriptions of the Mosaic Core series of parts, Starter vs. Thermal Image Kit with SxxxxP(x) suffixes, there isn’t a difference, they’re all starter kits.

They’re all based on different frame rates, lenses and Fields of View.

Not sure why our team described some as Starter Kits vs. Thermal Image Kits.

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Thanks for the Info, Can you please suggest a camera that can measure temperature of an individual without contact. This is for my final year project, I am student at Amrita University, India. Hope your reply ASAP.

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Might want to consider a sensor like the FLIR Lepton series, 2.5 for example. From what I’m seeing you’ll want a sensor like 2.5 or 3.5 that support radiometric accuracy. The 2.5 option is one we currently happen to have in stock.

500-0763-01 FLIR Lepton | Sensors, Transducers | DigiKey

You’ll also need a carrier breakout board, see these for example

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Can we use mosaic core camera S304SP to measure temperature of an individual without close contact?

The Mosaic Core series specifications on accuracy: “The greater of ±5°C or 5% between 5°C to 140°C scene temperatures”

You’re not going to want to use that series for measuring human temperatures. It’s intended for applications like firefighters and law enforcement to tell if humans are in proximity at a glance.