What is this connector?

I would like some help identifying this connector (the ends):

The ends are complimentary (M/F). The object in the center houses an FET transistor.

This is an automotive OEM connector (Jeep Wrangler), if this helps.

Any information as to what this part is would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum.

If none of the Digi-Key experts here can figure out a manufacturer/part#, I suggest checking with an aftermarket auto parts supplier. Frequently I’ve found them the only small quantity source for new specialty automotive connectors.

A few times over the years the only source I could find was junk yard/recycled parts sellers for unusual auto electrical connectors.

This would be for a product, so the junk yard route will not work. I am hoping that DigiKey might have this available, if I can figure out what this connector is.