What connector is this?

Can y’all identify the part# for this connector, and it’s mate? This is used as an audio connector in a Jeep Wrangler.

Thank you!


Hello Mike. Thank you very much for reaching out to us today! I will do what I can to help.

This one gave me a bit of trouble, but I believe I’ve found it. Please take a look at the TE Connectivity 368538-1 (Digi-Key A142471-ND) on the following link:
The sockets for this housing we have in stock are shown on the following link:
The free-hanging mate for that connector is the 174460-1 (Digi-Key A106270-ND):
And the pins for that housing we have in stock are shown on the following link:

I would recommend checking the dimensions in the drawings against your original part to verify this is indeed a match prior to ordering.

Wow! Thank you very much, I’ve been trying to solve that mystery for a few weeks. The dimensions sure seem to check out. Sold! :wink:

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