What is this resistor?

Trying to figure out what this resister is the color code is really messing me up can any one give me a idea and where to find it please.

Colors are , black red red silver brown
Reads as a .22 ohm 1% but cant find it any where

Hello Rossetti1,

It appears that you have the value listed correctly. We have the less than 1 ohm resistor listed as mOhms. In this case that would be a 220mOhm resistor. We really only have one option in stock in our part MRA05-.22-ND

The only thing that I am unable to verify is the power rating of the resistor you have. Our part is rated to 4 Watts.

If you’re asking what the power should be, I use this chart: 5 band resistors

along with a color code quick guide for figuring everything out.

Hello MDmrse,

Yes this is a good resource for figuring out what the Ohm rating and tolerance of the resistor is, however it does not tell you if the resistor is a 1/10th watt or 1/4 Watt or 1 watt resistor. That is what I was referring to by power rating of the resistor.

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