What kind of barrel connector with a central pin is this?

I am wondering what tye of barrel connector this is? The OD diameter is ~5mm and centered inside the connector is a single pin. I’ve tried to take a picture (see attached) but they didn’t come out great. It comes from a Directv AC Adapter (EPS10R4-08) and is similar to the pin in the photo below.



Welcome to the forum bartman99! These connectors are also very common on many laptop PCs. I would also like to know what these are so I will have to watch this thread.

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These are listed as barrel power connectors in our system. A couple common sizes are 5.5mm OD with a 2.1mm or 2.5mm inside diameter. What’s different on this one is the pin in the center, I’m not able to find an option similar to this one with the center pin.

Further digging and Googling suggests that this is a EIAJ-04 connector

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Sure, good find. Maybe one of these options will fit. You’ll want to verify the dimensions.

This Forum post should help you to identify what size your barrel connector.
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