Which Capacitors do I need?

I am trying to find replacement capacitors based on what I see on a PCB. I have found some comparable capacitors but nothing unique to the specific markings I see. This is regarding two different capacitors. I have attached a photo which reflects both.

The markings (as best I can see) are:

  • 5KV25 820 3V
  • 5KV07 270 16V

Can someone help me identify suitable replacements?



I could not fine that series you have but I found parts that may work :slight_smile: A750EM277M1CAAE015 CAP ALUM POLY 270UF 20% 16V

399-A750EK827M0EAAE007-ND CAP ALUM POLY 820UF 20% 2.5V T/H

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Thank you @Robert_1552!