Why does the copper strip go back and forth


It really depends on what the trace is doing in the circuit.
Off hand I think it could either be a trace antenna or they are increasing the distance a signal needed to travel to make sure all signals made it somewhere at the same time.
Otherwise not sure.

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Hi @applianceplus1 ,

Thank you for your inquiry. I think the part circled is an inductor, but is hard to tell since the photo is so dark. I don’t believe anything should be moving on the board, and suspect there is massive heat causing a trace or solder to move since it is being melted. There looks to be mass heat discolorations on the board, along with an open solder joint on the surface mount resistor next to the part in question. Off hand this board appears to be fried.

ohh i noticed all that aswell but wondered why they done that or what it done.