Will there be 2 different shapes in the same batch?

PCAN1206E40R2BST5 this part, we bought from digikey website, and found there have two kinds of shape, pls help confirm this situation is normal?



Thank you for contacting Digi-Key
I have sent this over to the product manager when I get the info back from him I will post it to the forum .

Thanks Craig


here is what we got back from the manufacturer on this , the division indicated it is possible to use different resistor patterns to create the same nominal value but there should have been a second lot # on the reel label if that was the case.

Thanks Craig

Hi Dear
there is no second lot# , just only one reel package i upoaded that, and this two kinds shape both from this reel , so we need to know if they are the same and can we use normally?

The datasheet describes the product as having terminations which are larger on one side than the other, as appears to be the case in the images provided. Try flipping one over and see if the other side looks like the others.

If the resistors do not have a consistent orientation within the tape, it would be difficult to achieve consistent production results using typical pick & place equipment, and returning these materials to the place of purchase as non-conforming would seem appropriate for that reason.

The customer flipped. but the two pieces are different still, not like the datasheet, so you mean we can do return right? and customer still need an explain that why have this situsation

then the two different shape , Whether they can be used interchangeably, because it have two shape in one reel package